How does Merops work?

Here’s what happens when you process a document:

  1. The document is uploaded to our server
  2. The Merops server analyses the content
  3. Merops makes tracked changes, and adds comments where needed
  4. Merops builds new output documents, in your desired format*
  5. The document is then downloaded to your computer, ready for reviewing

*Output formats include highly enriched Microsoft Word document, XML conforming to major DTDs, HTML, and PDF.

Why are documents processed on the Merops server?

This enables us to use powerful machines that can process documents more quickly, without using your computer’s resources. It also lets us make regular improvements without you having to install updates.

How does Merops recognize content so accurately?

Merops is a powerful and flexible artificial intelligence system. It recognizes document content at every level, from large sections, like an introduction or abstract, to individual characters, like the point after an abbreviation within a journal title within a reference. Merops does this in four ways:

  • Huge dictionaries allow Merops to recognize over 3 million individual words, names, and phrases, in eight languages.
  • Highly complex pattern recognition algorithms (written in our own language called TREES) enable Merops to identify paragraph contents.
  • Subject detection, language detection, and internal crosschecking help Merops differentiate ambiguous content.
  • Merops can self-learn using online databases such as PubMed and Crossref.

How does Merops know what to do with the document once it’s been recognized?

  • Merops applies your settings using a Standard Set, which is a file containing all your document preferences.
  • It also uses online databases such as PubMed and Crossref to apply corrections to references.
  • It can make your document consistent, by automatically determining appropriate standards based on the document content.

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ - Arthur C. Clarke

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