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Shabash Merops 3

The next generation of automatic text-editing and XML markup.

Processing revolutionized

  • Process documents faster
  • Process multiple documents simultaneously
  • New simpler, integrated, intuitive interface
  • Watchfolder system can email you if there's an error
  • Automatic validation of output XML against a DTD
  • Send Problem Document to Shabash: Quickly send us a document you can't process. We'll process it for you and return it the next working day

Easier and faster customization

  • Brand new ribbon interface for Standard Set Editor and Custom Dictionary Editor
  • Standard Set Generator: Automatically create a Standard Set from an edited document
  • Standard Set Editor includes a Document example and intuitive cross-links between modules
  • New Standard Sets: Oxford Style Manual and OSCOLA

More powerful automatic editing

Over 500 new customizable rules, including:

  • Convert simple MathType and Word 2007+ equations to text
  • Move tables/figures to just after the first citation
  • Choose which abbreviations don’t need to be defined
  • New language: Italian
  • New Biology submodule: Genetics
  • Document-wide paragraph resequencing

Plus over 1300 style preferences now have a make-consistent option, automatically detecting the author’s style

Even better text recognition

New and improved reviewing tools

  • New pinnable Styles+ menu, with Paint Mode
  • New Ribbon tab, MEROPS: Reviewing
  • Improved right-click menu on tracked changes and comments, and style, layout, and features can match Word 2013
  • New websites added to Look Up: Oxford Dictionaries Online, PubMed Journals, and Wiktionary
  • Quick Process: true one-click processing of active document, using most recent settings

Previous versions

Shabash Merops 2.8

Shabash Merops 2.7

Shabash Merops 2.6.1

Shabash Merops 2.6

Shabash Merops 2.5

Shabash Merops 2.4

Shabash Merops 2.3

Shabash Merops 2.2

Shabash Merops 2.0

Shabash Merops 1.1

Shabash Merops 1.01

Shabash Merops 1.0

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