Customized output

Phyllo draws on XML tables and alternative resources to create customized versions of documents for particular individuals, institutions or customer groups.


To help protect product revenues, Phyllo can be used to introduce watermarks on ‘disposable’ versions of the same content. This approach is particularly suited to advanced publications / preprints, proofs and ‘offprints’. Phyllo can even set an expiry date on these manifestations.


The XSL technology allows different versions of a document to be displayed to different customers, for example showing either a publisher’s or a society’s branding depending on the identity of the reader.


Using an advanced manifestation of Phyllo, products can be specifically tailored to new markets by substituting nominated elements with more appropriate content. For example, an educational text may have names of people and places appropriate for the English market, but not for the Scottish, Welsh or Irish. If these items have been marked-up in sufficient detail, database tables with market-specific variations can be easily generated:

  English Scottish Welsh Irish
Name 1 John Ian Iauan Sean
Place 1 London Edinburgh Cardiff Dublin
Image 1 Map1.eps Map2.eps Map3.eps Map4.eps

The tailored versions can be output fully automatically for multiple alternative customers, down to the level of individual school and hospitals.