Rich online display

Web publishing offers ‘three-dimensional’ presentation opportunities that advance publishing beyond the printed page. Phyllo takes advantage of XML structure and uses it to add value to the author’s content.

Data beneath the surface

Technical and educational content includes many examples of items that have a relationship to more detailed and comprehensive material. Phyllo uses XSLs to generate mouse-over text or pop-up displays. For example, place the cursor over the following examples or the image to the right:

citation (Smith 2001)
formula See egn 1
abbreviation BNF

External resources

Sometimes the document itself does not host enough detail to deliver these features. In these cases external resources can be drawn upon, including the Shabash Merops databases:

organism name Ursus arctos
URL World Health Organization

Marketing opportunities

By combining Phyllo with a Shabash Merops subject module, links can be made to either external or internal resources:


to MEDLINEplus encyclopedia H2 receptor antagonist

Marketing pages

Links can be directed towards information or ecommerce pages for products associated with a specific term or name:

to Thames & Hudson Bernini