These are some testimonials that have been sent to us by Merops users. If you have anything you'd like to say about Merops please contact us at .

I am a big fan of Merops. It has helped me tremendously with my copyediting and I would hate to have to go back to copyediting without it.

P.W., Freelance Copy Editor

So, I edited my first live MEROPS’d article, and I must say kudos to the MEROPS team. After only doing 1 test file, I wasn't sure if they had enough information, but this file was very well pre-edited indeed.

Kelly O’Neil, Freelance Copy Editor

I truly believe that it is not only a wonderful copyediting interface, but also a magnificent (and superior) way to integrate XML creation into our production workflows.

David Haber, Publishing Workflow Analyst - Cadmus Communications, a Cenveo company

I love working with Merops documents! What a timesaver it is, especially with references!!

Debbie Ferraro, Freelance Copy Editor

I love the comment on references that differ to PubMed, showing exactly what the difference is! Thank you!

Susan Lupsha, Freelance Copy Editor

I’ve worked with Merops for years; it’s a powerful tool that’s fun to use. The Shabash team is brilliant, responsive, and eager to meet our needs. I appreciate the top-notch support that everyone at Shabash provides.

Blair Woodcock, Copyediting Manager, Cenveo Publisher Services

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