Bespoke plans

We can create a tailored package that meets your specific needs.

API access

Using the Merops API, you can seamlessly integrate document processing with your bespoke workflow. You can automatically process and track documents, and send outputs to your existing content management system.

Bespoke API

Multiple user profiles

Create a profile for each user, or a whole team, and monitor Merops usage across different profiles.

You can even control access to certain features, with different pricing plans for different profiles, so you only pay for what you need.

Multiple user profiles

Dedicated servers

You may have strict security requirements that prevent you using cloud-based solutions, or you might need to quickly process extremely high volumes.

We can give you exclusive access to a dedicated Merops server, with various hosting options.

Deicated server

Tailored support

We can provide extended support hours, or give you an accelerated turnaround time for certain types of support.

We can provide personalized on-line or face-to-face training, and we can set up and maintain your style guide settings.

Tailored support

Bespoke enhancements

Merops is incredibly powerful, with over 2,500 customizable features that can be tailored to any style guide. If there’s a feature Merops doesn’t have, we can develop it for you.

We can also dedicate time each month improving Merops for your specific needs.

Bespoke enhancements