Powerful AI for publishers and copy editors

  • Publish faster
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality
Document Analysis

Document analysis

Extract metadata, assess quality, generate keywords

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Automatic Editing

Automatic editing

Correct and standardize text, from front matter to references

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Automatic Markup

Automatic markup

Create structured Word documents, XML, HTML, or PDF

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Advanced AI

Merops uses huge lists of words, names, and terms, combined with intelligent pattern recognition. Contextual analysis, subject detection, language detection, and online sources further assist recognition decisions. Style preferences can be automatically detected, to ensure consistency within a document, or across many documents.

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Detailed recognition

Merops recognizes document sections, paragraphs, and every level of detail down to parts of words and punctuation. This allows it to analyse and standardize the formatting, punctuation, spelling, wording, and sequence of every part of a document. It can also create highly granular XML for any DTD or schema.


Merops fits your workflow

Merops is flexible. It can be used at various stages of your workflow, with virtually any input or output file format. It can be integrated with third-party tools like Google Translate, or used as a stand-alone solution.

You can process documents on Windows using Merops Desktop, or use the Merops Cloud API, to integrate into your existing workflow.

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Powerful reviewing tools

If you want to review or copy-edit documents, Merops comes with a plug-in for Microsoft Word to help you review changes. The underlying document structure is displayed with colour-coding. This means faster reviewing and simplifies XML checking (if needed).

Merops also includes tools to speed up reviewing and editing, like rejecting multiple similar changes at once.

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Love at first cite

Merops can recognize all components of citations and references. It then automatically cross-checks them with online databases like PubMed and Crossref. They can be standardized using hundreds of individual style choices, or made correct and consistent.

Merops can even convert between author-date, numeric, and footnote references.

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Front and end, matter

Merops can detect everything from the document title and author by-line, to references, figure and tables. It can format, reword, sort, and style the entire document to match your house style, or make it consistent. Merops can generate keywords, glossaries, running heads, copyright information, and more.

Content with perfection

Automatic text-editing and quality analysis is contextual. For example, certain preferences are not applied to quotes and references. Merops can alert grammar errors, correct and standardize punctuation, formatting, and spelling of your content. It can recognize and standardize abbreviations and their definitions, and generate glossaries.

Content with perfection

Tailored to you

With over 2000 customizable editing preferences, Merops can apply ready-made style guides like APA Publication Manual, and Chicago Manual of Style, or you can make your own. It can automatically create any document format from Microsoft Word to JATS1.0 XML. Merops can extract any combination of metadata and content you require.

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