Automatic text editing and XML markup

Merops is a comprehensive and extensible text-correction or XML markup solution. Particularly well suited to technical publications, it is versatile and easy to use. Merops delivers significant productivity gains and high levels of quality.

Automatic XML markup

Merops can automatically convert documents to highly granular XML:

  • intrinsic document structure validation via DTD/Schema
  • NLM DTD compliance
  • Support for JATS1.0NEW
  • DocBook DTD compliance
  • Microsoft Word interface
Automatic XML markup


Document analysisNEW

  • Metadata extraction
  • Keyword generation
  • Automatic generation of processing settings from edited documents
  • Document quality analysis
Document analysis



Merops can be integrated into workflows based around various pagination engines and graphics tools, or can be run as a stand-alone text processor. It can be implemented:

  • upstream by authors or editors
  • downstream by typesetters or back-conversion bureaux

Merops can be used with the other Shabash software for an integrated solution:

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