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I am a big fan of Merops. It has helped me tremendously with my copyediting and I would hate to have to go back to copyediting without it.

P.W., Freelance Copy Editor

So, I edited my first live MEROPS’d article, and I must say kudos to the MEROPS team. After only doing 1 test file, I wasn't sure if they had enough information, but this file was very well pre-edited indeed.

Kelly O’Neil, Freelance Copy Editor

I truly believe that it is not only a wonderful copyediting interface, but also a magnificent (and superior) way to integrate XML creation into our production workflows.

David Haber, Publishing Workflow Analyst, Cenveo

I love working with Merops documents! What a timesaver it is, especially with references!!

Debbie Ferraro, Freelance Copy Editor

I love the comment on references that differ to PubMed, showing exactly what the difference is! Thank you!

Susan Lupsha, Freelance Copy Editor

I’ve worked with Merops for years; it’s a powerful tool that’s fun to use. The Shabash team is brilliant, responsive, and eager to meet our needs. I appreciate the top-notch support that everyone at Shabash provides.

Blair Woodcock, Copyediting Manager, Cenveo

I've worked with Merops for years and it has greatly simplified my editing. The support staff is fantastic.

Jodi Kaye, Freelance Copy Editor