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Common questions

How much does Merops cost?

We can give you a site licence, or charge per document. The cost varies depending on your needs, and the amount of processing you require.

Please contact us for a quote at .

How does Merops work?

Merops uses a combination of intelligent pattern recognition and large databases of different kinds of terms and names to identify the components of a document. It then standardizes the document to match your style requirements using tracked changes and comments.

What if Merops makes a mistake?

Merops uses pattern recognition, so depending on how much intervention you require from Merops, you may need to review output documents. Merops comes with a number of tools to make undoing specific changes quick and easy. You can help us improve Merops by giving us feedback.

Do I need to have Merops installed to review a document it has edited?

No, Merops uses features of Microsoft Word (tracked changes, comments, and paragraph and character styles) to edit a document, so the output document can be read without Merops being installed. However, for quality control, we recommend having Merops installed so you can use the built-in reviewing tools.

I tried to download Merops, but it asked me for a password. What should I do?

If you're an existing customer, please contact us for a password at . If you're not, please contact us at , and we’ll arrange a demo.

Can I use Merops on a Mac?

Yes! Well, sort of. The current version of Merops for Mac can be used for reviewing documents but isn't able to do the initial document processing. You can download Merops for Mac here. For help with Mac for Merops click here.

Merops is making changes and/or adding comments that I don't want. How do I stop this from happening?

Every rule that Merops applies is customizable using a Standard Set, for more information click here.