Automatic markup

The fastest way to get the document formats you need.

Merops automatically recognizes the components of a document, based on their content and context. This makes it easy to create any kind of output document, including XML, Microsoft Word, HTML, and PDF.

Automatic markup


Highly detailed recognition makes it easy for Merops to create rich XML for any DTD or schema. Out of the box, Merops can produce:

  • JATS Journal Publishing Tag Set 1.0
  • NLM Journal Publishing DTD (2.3 & 3.0)
  • Elsevier Journal Article DTD 5.2.0
  • DocBook 5.0

Merops can be configured for any bespoke XML standard. Please contact us to find out more.

XML validation

XML validation

It’s critical that XML is validated against a DTD or schema. This is more than simply converting a file and then parsing it.

Merops validates XML, providing in-situ comments where information is missing or incorrect. As part of the same process, Merops can also integrate with third-party validators, such as the PMC Style Checker.

Familiar editing environment

Familiar editing environment

If needed, output documents can be reviewed in Microsoft Word, giving you a familiar and powerful environment to check the document structure. You can copy-edit a document in Word and update the XML file at any time. This reduces the need for XML expertise and streamlines your workflow.

More about reviewing tools


If you want to ensure the highest quality, the Merops plug-in for Microsoft Word makes it easy to review your documents. The underlying XML structure is shown with colour-coding, and interactive tools help you make corrections and changes. This reduces the need for XML expertise, saving you time and money.

Microsoft Word documents

Merops can produce beautiful, consistent, structured Microsoft Word documents, ready for printing or sharing. If Word documents form a part of your existing workflow, you can use paragraph and character styles to inform downstream processes of the document structure.


HTML, PDF, and more

Because Merops recognizes and cross-checks text at such a high level of detail, any output format can be created. We can configure Merops to produce output documents to your precise specifications. Please contact us to find out more.

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