Document analysis

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Speedy data extraction

Merops can extract metadata, like author names and affiliations, or content, like the abstract, in seconds. It can even generate keywords and subject classification based on the document content. The data can be used to populate web forms during document submittal, or fed into your workflow management system.

Extracted data can be automatically edited.

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Quality reporting and more

Merops can create a report about a document. This can include an assessment of quality and consistency, and even Merops’s assessment of its own recognition accuracy. The data can be fed into your workflow to influence decisions, like if a document needs to be copyedited. Merops can also calculate Readability scores, like the Coleman–Liau index the Automated Readability Index.

Style detection

Merops can detect style preferences in a document. Merops can use this information to ensure any specific style is made consistent within a document, or you can save these preferences to be applied to multiple documents.

Learn about automatic editing

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