Services & consultancy

Take advantage of decades of management and hands-on experience of publishing production in the scientific, technical, medical, academic and educational sectors.

Our commitment to automated solutions, and wide range of supplier contacts, will help you minimize costs and speed up publication.

Full-service suppliers

With an international contact list of experienced freelances, and our personal experience, we can help reduce the pressure on internal production teams.

If you are looking for low cost, high quality and fast turnaround, we can help you select the right full-service suppliers.

Style guide authoring/updating

Using our experience of meticulously analysing dozens of style guides we can write you a style guide from scratch or revise one that needs updating.

Workflow and business analysis

We can help you identify workplace inefficiencies, supply-chain weaknesses and opportunities for business re-engineering. Our track record demonstrates a delivery of significant cost reductions while maintaining a focus on high standards.

Data standards consultancy

We were among the first to specify and implement XML as a content standard for a major publisher, and have written or contributed to blue-chip publisher standards on:

Please contact us here to discuss any of these services in detail.