Shabash creates software to speed up and simplify publishing. We also offer consultancy, and publishing services to a range of clients producing technical and educational content.

Shabash Merops 3

Shabash Merops is the world’s most advanced document analysis, automatic text editing, and XML markup application.

Shabash Merops

Reduce production costs

Merops delivers significant workflow efficiencies by removing the drudgery and repetitive human intervention usually required for editing and XML mark-up.

Improve quality

Merops makes content adhere more accurately to editorial style, and reduces downstream checks required on paginated or XML outputs.

Publish faster

Merops edits content at an average speed of about 50 words per second, so a typical journal article runs in less than 2 minutes. Because much of the editing is automated, documents are copy-edited faster. The XML, HTML or structured Word files can be immediately published online or passed on into composition systems.

Features include

  • over 2000 customizable text-editing rules covering language, hyphenation, grammar and subject-specific corrections and hints for best practice
  • document styles are automatically identified and applied with no need for manual pre-tagging
  • figures and tables are cross-checked, and tables converted from tabbed data into table cells
  • references are styled, cross-checked with citations, and linked to Crossref and PubMed, from which discrepancies can be retrieved and automatically resolved, all as part of the one-click run process
  • XML conforming to major DTDs like NLM and DocBook is created as a natural by-product of the Merops automation
  • powerful Microsoft Word user interface, with interactive reference renumbering and table manipulation tools, custom dictionary, custom comments, internet lookups, and many more features


Shabash Pavo

Shabash Pavo is an automated graphics-processing application:

  • exports graphics from Microsoft Word to standard file names
  • automatically converts image formats
  • automatically resizes graphics
  • alerts or corrects common errors

Shabash Phyllo delivers interactive or fully automated pagination routines:

  • outputs print-ready PDFs and webpages
  • compiles products, including contents and indexes
  • delivers rich online functionality
  • alerts or corrects common errors
Shabash Phyllo

We are proud to have worked with the following companies:

AJE Aries BSI Cenveo Clarivate Deanta Edanz Editage Elsevier Enago FAO ILO OUP PLOS Taylor and Francis Westchester WTO