Merops can standardize the spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and format of names and addresses. Some of the key features are listed below.

Everything Merops does can be customized to match your style requirements, or made consistent within a document.



Merops uses massive dictionaries to identify and standardize the spelling, capitalization and abbreviation of organization names, e.g.:

  • World Health Organisation World Health Organization

Merops also uses intelligent pattern recognition to identify unknown titles of organizations (e.g. the British XML Organisation), and ensures spelling preferences within these are preserved. It can also alert these unknown organizations, if desired.

Merops can apply general preferences to organization names, e.g.:

  • Fox Technology, Ltd Fox Technology Ltd

Merops can standardize company addresses, e.g.:

  • US state style in company address
  • non-US region style in company address
  • Include or remove USA in company address

Merops can apply specific preferences for organization names, e.g.:

  • EU European Union.
EUEuropean Union

International context

Merops also uses pattern matches with multiple international languages for both abbreviated and full versions of institutional names.



Merops uses a dictionary of over 500,000 given names and family names to identify and standardize people’s names.

Merops also uses intelligent pattern recognition, based on document context, using titles (Dr, Professor, etc.), surname prefixes (van, de, etc.), qualifications, affiliation links, and placement relative to document titles and author address details. These ‘unknown’ names can be alerted in case there is a spelling error or a misidentification.

Merops can standardize the punctuation and sequence of surname prefixes (van, de) and suffixes (Jr, III).


Merops identifies and standardizes punctuation and capitalization of qualifications following names. Unknown qualifications can be alerted, and honorific qualifications can be automatically deleted.

More qualifications can be added using a custom dictionary.


Merops can standardize the punctuation and spelling of titles and abbreviations, to conform to your preference. For example:

  • Dr. Dr
  • Junior Jr
  • Mrs. Claudia Jones Claudia Jones


Merops 3 has a brand new address-recognition system with much greater accuracy and understanding of the content. Merops can now:

  • standardize the sequence of address lines
  • add the country of an address when missing, using information from the rest of the address
  • alert you if the postal code does not match the correct format for that country
  • standardize individually which capital cities should include the country in the address
  • standardize individually which US-state capitals should include the state in the address

Merops uses massive dictionaries to identify and standardize the spelling and capitalization of place names including:

  • countries, states, regions, cities, towns
  • buildings, streets, parks, districts
  • rivers, mountains, seas

Merops can standardize and correct former names to current names, for example:

  • USSR Russia
  • Burma Myanmar

Merops can also correct:

  • spacing and punctuation of phone numbers
  • spacing and punctuation of postcodes and zip codes

Specific preferences

Merops can standardize specific place name preferences, such as US, USA, United States and United States of America. Many of these are context sensitive, allowing different preferences in general text, tables, references, and addresses.

Merops can be enhanced using a custom dictionary.


URLs & email addresses

Merops can correct punctuation and spelling in URLs and email addresses.

Merops can standardize multiple parts of URLs and email addresses including:

  • www… http://www…
  • URL & email address format and case

Merops can also alert URLs and email domains that cannot be validated online.

urls and email addresses

Works and products

Merops can:

  • standardize spellings and abbreviations of journal titles
  • standardize the use of ® and ™
  • standardize names of legislation
  • alert commonly misused trademarks, e.g. the use of ‘sellotape’, when ‘sticky tape’ is meant
  • alert unknown product names
works and products
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