Merops automatically recognizes the structural parts of a document, and standardizes based on context. Some of the key features are listed below.

Everything Merops does can be customized to match your style requirements, or made consistent within a document.


Front & end section

Merops can automatically identify the various front and end section items based on their context, content and formatting. As well as applying the correct paragraph style, here are a few other things Merops can standardize:

Author list and affiliations

  • cross-checking footnotes, with different symbols styles for applying different footnote types
  • formatting, punctuation and sequence of author names
  • capitalization and sequence of addresses
  • adding missing address parts

Correspondence information

  • punctuation, formatting, and sequence
  • alerting missing required details and deleting non-required details


  • keyword generation
  • alphabetic sorting
  • wording, formatting, and capitalization of heading
  • punctuation between keywords


  • glossary generation based on abbreviations found in the document
  • alphabetic sorting
  • term/definition sequence and punctuation
  • alerting abbreviations found in the document but not in the glossary

Other examples of header items Merops can identify and standardize include the document title, abstract, table of contents, running title, and document history information.

Merops can now apply document-wide sorting, moving any part of your document between the front matter, body, end section, and footnotes.

front and end

Displayed paragraphs

Merops can automatically identify the structure of paragraphs in the document body, based on their context, content and formatting. For example:

  • lists
  • displayed quotations
  • transcribed interviews
front and end


Merops can automatically apply the correct hierarchy to headings and can:

  • standardize preset headings (e.g. Methods and Materials, Abstract)
  • apply 'Sentence case', 'Title Case', or 'UPPER CASE' depending on heading level
  • standardize paragraph style
  • generate or delete heading numbers
  • convert between run-in headings and displayed headings

Merops can automate the time-consuming task of changing titles and headings from upper case into ‘sentence’ or ‘title’ case, while ensuring that terms that need capitals (such as place names, chemical and biological terms, and acronyms) are not changed in error.

MeropsĀ hosts data tables of persistent heading names, e.g. INTRODUCTION, Patients & methods, Acknowledgements. These tables, which support international languages, can be maintained and improved by individual users, or database administrators if a centralized solution is required.

front and end

Footnotes & endnotes

Merops can automatically:

  • convert between footnotes and endnotes
  • standardize brackets around footnote symbols
  • standardize footnote position relative to punctuation
  • apply over 25 rules differently in footnotes compared to general text
  • standardize asterisk style
  • convert references found in footnotes into a reference list
front and end
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