Automatic page presentation software

Twenty years ago the desk-top-publishing revolution changed the cost structure of professional typesetting forever. The Formatting Objects application of Extensible Style Language (XSL-FO) will do the same by associating XML structure with a file that stores presentation rules.

Automatic page make-up

Phyllo creates PDF files automatically from rules stored to govern layout and typography. A browser-based interface permits manual ‘tweaking’ of page layout, and the processing instructions generated by an amendment are stored to be reused if necessary.


Automatic product compilation

Phyllo paginates:


Customized output

Phyllo uses the same source XML content to output a range of publication types which can be branded or ‘watermarked’.

Products can be tailored to new markets by substituting nominated elements with more appropriate content.


Messaging technology

Phyllo outputs tables of contents, alerts or news items, at the earliest moment, directly to listserv email customers, and users of WAP or other hand-held devices.


Rich online display

Phyllo takes advantage of new ways of presenting information online. XSLs are used to generate mouse-over text or pop-up displays of selected items.