Merops for Mac (Beta 3) toolbar

Merops Mac Toolbar
Exit Merops button Exit Merops Un-adds the Merops template, removing the toolbar.
Open Original button Open Original Opens the version of the document as it was before it was processed by Merops.
Shrink Tracked Changes button Shrink Tracked Changes Merops often shows large tracked changes, to help you be aware of why Merops made the change use Shrink Tracked Changes. Click here for more info.
Reviewers button Reviewers Shows a dialog where you can manipulate changes and comments by certain reviewers.
Reject Change button Reject Change Rejects the tracked change at the cursor. This is better than the equivalent Microsoft Word function, because it treats a deletion followed by an insertion as a single replacement.
Reject Identical Changes button Reject Identical Changes Rejects all identical insertions, deletions, replacements, or format changes, throughout the document.
Accept Change button Accept Change Accepts the tracked replacement, or other change, at the cursor.
Accept Identical Changes button Accept Identical Changes Accepts all identical replacements or other changes, identical to the one at the cursor, throughout the document.
Delete Identical Comments button Delete Identical Comments Deletes all identical comments on identical text, throughout the document.
Delete Identical Comments on Any Text button Delete Identical Comments on Any Text button Deletes identical comments on any text, throughout the document.
Revert Selection button Revert Selection Rejects all tracked changes and deletes all comments in the selected text.
Place Marker button Place Marker Places a bookmark at the current cursor position or on selected text if any is selected. From anywhere in the document, the cursor can be moved back to this position by pressing the Go To Marker button Go to Marker button.
Go To Marker button Go To Marker Moves the cursor to the marker created by the Place Marker button Place Marker button.
Remove Marker button Remove Marker Removes the marker created by the Place Marker button Place Marker button.
Invert Table button Invert Table Swaps the x and y axis of a table, so that a table head across the top becomes the left hand column, and vice versa – can save a huge amount of time when it’s needed.
Delete Empty Rows/Columns button Delete Empty Rows/Columns In a table, deletes any whole rows or columns that have no contents – a quick way to tidy up a table.
Numeric Refs Numeric Refs Reference renumbering tools to help you add, delete, and merge numeric references automatically. Click here for more info.
Document Statistics button Document Statistics Displays document statistics including counts of comments, hyperlinks, and tracked changes.
Finish Document button Finish Document Prepares the document for distribution, with options including deleting all Merops comments, accepting all tracked changes, and deleting PubMed/CrossRef links. Click here for more info.
Send Feeback button Send Feedback Launches your email program, with a new email to .
Preferences button Preferences Launches Merops for Mac Preferences dialog. Click here for more info.