Reprocessing problem documents

If you have a document that won't process, or it will process but the results aren't correct, reprocessing the document can be much quicker than sending a file to Shabash - it's up to you.

  1. Revert the document, or the selection, as appropriate
  2. If it’s a selection, copy and paste into new document
  3. Add a heading to the misidentified item
  4. Delete field codes Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + Shift + F9
  5. Check for graphics – use Finish Document to count them, if you can’t see them all, that’s a clue that there is a hidden one
  6. Check and correct other obvious anomalies
  7. Reprocess the file, or file part

If that gives you a better result, great! If not, don't spend ages on it - send it to us. Let us know if it's a high priority.

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