Merops made an incorrect change in my document.

The change is not strictly 'wrong', but does not match my style or requirements.

Please follow these steps to investigate and fix this:

  1. Confirm that the intended Standard Set was used
  2. With the document open in Microsoft Word, you can check the Document Standard Set button on the Merops: Home tab. If the wrong Standard Set was used, you may need to reprocess it; otherwise, continue to number 2.

  3. Check that the Standard Set is set correctly
  4. See here to learn about how to open/edit Standard Sets. If the Standard Set is set incorrectly, you'll need to correct it, and decide whether the setting was signifcant enough to warrant reprocessing.

  5. If it was set correctly, see below, 'The change appears to be a mistake.'

The change appears to be a mistake.

Pattern recognition of any kind will always make some mistakes. Also, Merops is a hugely complex system, and unfortunately bugs can creep in to the system. We are constantly working to reduce the number of errors, so if you let us know about the errors you find, we’ll try to fix it.

If you'd like a quick and easy way to let us know about any errors Merops has made, you can download the Send Feedback to Shabash tool. Alternatively, you can send us an email at .

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