Printing Standard Sets

To print out the contents of a Standard Set:

  1. Open the Standard Set in the Standard Set Editor
  2. Click FILE (see below).
  3. FILE button

  4. On the Backstage menu, click PRINT to load the print preview.
  5. Choose your print preferences, like font family and font size, and choose how you want to show settings. Bear in mind, some settings can result in a very large document of well over 100 pages. The page count is shown at the bottom of the print preview.
  6. FILE button

  7. Click the Print button (see below).
  8. Print button

  9. You will then be shown a standard Print dialog, where you can select your printer, and choose how many copies you want to print.
  10. Print button

  11. Click Print and the Standard Set should start printing.

Tip: To quickly print a Standard Set using previously used settings, simply open the file and press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.

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