Processing documents with watchfolders

As well as processing files manually, you can set Merops Watchfolders to process files automatically as soon as they are added to a designated folder.

You can set up multiple folders, so that each folder uses different settings. For example, you could set up one folder to run normal processing on author files, and a second folder to run Finish XML, and you could set up a number of folders that each used a different Standard Set.

To set up a watchfolder, go to the Watchfolders page of Merops Options:

Merops Options dialog

Click Set up new watchfolder…. Then, simply choose a folder, and the associated settings, and Merops will start watching that folder straight away. Merops Watchfolders runs in the background, and will automatically be running whenever your PC starts.

Using watchfolders on an FTP site

Setting up a watchfolder on an FTP site means someone who doesn't have access to your PC or local network can place files into a folder that will process automatically on your PC. Those processed files can then be ready for you on your PC before you start work, or can even be placed back on to the same, or another FTP site. When you set up a watchfolder on an FTP site, when you give the path, you'll need to include the username and password (if there is one) in the path, like this:

        ftp://[username]:[password]@[ftp site]

For example:

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