Merops Options

To change the Merops settings, open the Merops Options dialog box by clicking Merops Options button Options on the Merops: Home tab, or by clicking Start > All Programs > Shabash > Merops Options.

Merops Options dialog

Below is a description of each page, with some examples of the settings.


Change your user name (stored on Standard Sets you create or modify), the user interface language, and the colour scheme.


Choose the default output folder and filenames, and what kind of notification to receive when processing finishes.


Change whether to launch Merops for Microsoft Word automatically, change right-click options for comments and tracked changes, and enable keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word.

Standard Sets

Open, import, export and delete Standard Sets, and choose which Standard Set will be used. More…

Custom Dictionaries

Open, import, export and delete global custom dictionaries. More…

Quick Comments

Create and edit the Quick Comments available in Microsoft Word. More…

Look Up

Choose the websites to be available on all Look Up menus. You can also add your own. More…


Here you can set up and modify watchfolders to automatically process files. More…


Here you can change the server location and connection settings. You can also set your account username and password here.


Here you will find useful resources, such as links to contact customer support, the Shabash website, and Merops Help.

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