What does Merops do?

Merops is a computer program designed to automate much of the editing process and reduce the need for proof-reading. It applies thousands of rules and standards to different aspects of publisher style, from spelling and punctuation to the structure and style of a reference. The tightly structured document that is created can be saved as a consistently styled Microsoft Word file or an XML document. As a result, typesetting and publishing can be done faster, and with a higher level of accuracy and consistency.

More powerful automatic editing

When Merops processes a document, it will make a number of changes for you automatically and will alert you to things that may need to be corrected manually.

Merops uses paragraph and character styles to present complex structural relationships in a user-friendly way. The use of different colours is a powerful way to ensure the easy recognition of XML structure without the need for extensive training.

Merops consists of seven modules, which deal with different editorial requirements. These can be applied individually, or together. To find out about what each module does with examples of the kinds of changes and standards it can apply, click one of the options below.

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