Custom term attributes

Merops can store information about a custom term, to make its recognition and standardization more powerful. Below is a list of attributes that can be given to a custom term:


By telling Merops what category a word is, you can enhance its ability to recognize it, and the text surrounding it. For example, adding the term 'International Journal of Computer Technology' with the category 'Journal Title' can help Merops recognize a reference entry. Adding the term 'Foxborough' with the category 'Place (City)' can help Merops recognize something as an address.

Available categories:


Giving a term an abbreviation can help Merops standardize the term differently in different contexts, and for different Standard Sets. For example, giving a journal title its abbreviation will mean it can be expanded/abbreviated in references, as required.

Spelling errors

Giving terms spelling errors means that Merops will match the spelling error (in addition to the main term) and change it to the main term. Merops will only make this change if the Standard Set is set to correct spellings. You can add multiple spelling errors by separating them with the 'pipe' character, like this: exxample|exaample|egsample.


Adding a Hyperlink attribute means that Merops will put a hyperlink on that term, whenever that term is found.



Adding a Comment attribute means that Merops will add a comment to that term, whenever that term is found.

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