Launching Merops

Main Merops program

You can launch the main Shabash Merops program from the Windows Start menu. From that program, or from the Windows Start menu, you can also launch other programs, like the Custom Dictionary Editor, the Standard Set Editor, and Merops Options.

Merops plug-in for Microsoft Word

If you want the Merops plug-in for Microsoft Word to be loaded in Microsoft Word automatically when it starts up, go to the Merops Options dialog box and check the box that says ‘Launch Merops automatically when Microsoft Word launches’. This means the Merops tabs (or toolbars in Word 2003 or earlier) will be available when Microsoft Word starts up.

NB: with this option unchecked, the Merops Add-Ins group will still be visible in Word on the Add-Ins tab at start-up (or the Merops Launcher toolbar in Word 2003 or earlier). This means you can still click the Launch Merops button Launch Merops button to launch the Merops plug-in manually.

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