The MEROPS: Home toolbar

Applies to: Word 2000–2003. For Word 2007–2019, click here.

Merops: Home toolbar

The MEROPS: Home toolbar contains tools to process and finish files, as well as to customize Merops.

Process Documents button  Process Documents Click this button to show the Process Documents dialog. If the active document is not empty, it will automatically be added to the list of files to be processed. More…

Click the arrow at the bottom of this button to show the Process menu, with additional processing options, including Quick Process, and Process Selection.

Process History button  Process History Opens the Process History, which stores reports of the 2000 most recent file processes. More…

Open Original button  Open Original Clicking this button opens the version of the current document that was created before it was processed by Merops. For example, if you click this button in a file called 'Doc#93.docx', it will open the file called 'Doc#93-Original.docx' if it exists.

Open Other Formats button  Open Other Fomats Clicking this button shows a dropdown menu of other Merops output file formats with the same name as the current document. Click one of these to open that file.

Revert Document button  Revert Document Clicking this button reverts the current document to the state it was before it was processed by Merops. NB: Doing this will lose all changes made to the document since then, including the changes Merops has made.

Custom Dictionary button Custom Dictionary Click this button to open your default custom dictionary in the Custom Dictionary Editor. More…

Standard Set option box  Document Standard Set This option box shows which Standard Set was used to process the current document. This can also influence other reviewing features, such as Insert Document Part, or the change case tools.

You can change the document Standard Set using this dropdown, but bear in mind that if the wrong Standard Set was used, this will not affect changes that Merops has already made during processing, and you may need to revert the document, and reprocess it.

Finish Document button  Finish Document and Finish XML button  Finish XML

Merops Options button  Merops Options Opens the Merops Options dialog box, where you can customize Merops.

Help button  Help Opens Merops Help.

Exit Merops button  Exit Merops Unloads the Merops for Microsoft Word plug-in, and removes all of the Merops toolbars.

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