Shrink Tracked Changes

Merops often shows large tracked changes, to help you be aware of why Merops made the change, and to enable Reject Identical Changes to work. So an inserted space in a unit expression is shown like this:

8kg kg

If you'd rather changes were as concise as possible, you can click Shrink Tracked Changes button Shrink on the Merops: Reviewing tab. Merops will then shrink tracked changes where possible in the active document, so the example above will become like this:

8 kg

Some people may find that clicking this once before editing each document makes it much easier to review. However, please be aware that the Reject Identical Changes tool will be less useful, because it works by comparing the inserted and deleted text, and an inserted space is not enough information for you to want to reject all instances like that.

NB: You can also make Merops apply tracked changes by character using the Editing page of the Standard Set, but if you want multiple users to use the same Standard Set, this tool can allow each user to use Merops the way they want to.