Trusted Changes

It's very important to Shabash that Merops tracks its changes, so that you can then review those changes, and check for any errors. Some changes Merops makes are very reliable and predictable, and other changes may need to be checked more carefully.

We created the Trusted Changes tool, to allow you to build a list of replacements that you feel you can accept without reviewing. You can run this tool before you start reviewing the document, and it will accept all your trusted changes, to give you a simpler document, in which the important changes stand out better.

Accepting trusted changes

To accept all of your trusted changes:

  1. Click Trusted Changes button Trusted Changes on the Merops: Reviewing tab, to show the Trusted Changes dialog:

  2. Trusted Changes dialog

  3. Click Accept All

Adding to the list of trusted changes

You can add replacements to your list of trusted changes in either of the following ways: