Major server update!

18 September 2010

We’ve just updated the Merops server. It’s a major update, with thousands of improvements. You should see a significant improvement in the quality of output documents, and a reduction in errors.

This update is now in place, so you should start seeing these improvements immediately!

Process documents more than 40% faster!*

Our last update was already faster than ever, but this one really takes a leap forward. You should really notice this – it means the average journal article is taking about 1 minute less to process!

*Actual increase is approx. 43%

68 new rules!


Merops knows Italian!

Merops can now process documents in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, as well as using all of these languages in article titles, book chapters, quotes, etc.

100s of rule enhancements!


Plus 1000s of other improvements

These include recognition improvements in all areas, correction improvements, new words, terms, names, and spelling errors added, better handling of errors and mismatches, and bug fixes. This has come from our own testing, as well as feedback we’ve received from our users.

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