Merops May update

30 May 2019

We've updated the Merops Cloud!


Tables and boxes

  • Much fewer large orange or red warnings when Merops fails to recognize document structure
  • Brand new smaller yellow warning allows Merops to continue with the document after an error in a table or box
  • Merops now ignores borders that are invisible in Word.
  • Comments now describe ‘box’ more accurately as ‘text box’ or ‘border’

PubMed/Crossref linking

  • More references now find PubMed and Crossref links

Bugs fixed

  • False changes on some IDs in references
  • Sometimes Merops could update an author name in a reference from an online database without changing the name in the citation.
  • Merops could alert single letters as being a different language to the document

Plus a handful more



  • Document processing is over 30% faster
Merops Cloud
This is a Merops Cloud update – no download is necessary.
The update also includes hundreds of other improvements and fixes.

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