Merops spring update

1 June 2020

We've updated the Merops Cloud!

Colour coding

Colour coding

  • Clearer colour coding of names makes it easier to see structure
  • Quotation marks around reference titles are now coloured
  • Punctuation and spacing before reference links is now not coloured
  • Much less colour coding in deleted text
  • ‘Note’ changed to pale yellow to stop it clashing with Volume Number


A Narenda, A., CAT Beckett, C.A.T.,  & EKyle, E. 1998.  Placental transfusion at preterm deliveryPediatric Research, 44:, 453. [Crossref]


A Narenda, A., CAT Beckett, C.A.T.,  & EKyle, E. 1998.  “Placental transfusion at preterm delivery” Pediatric Research, 44:, 453. [Crossref]



  • NEW PREFERENCE: Figures and tables: Between citations to different types of object:
    • , and
    • , &
    • ; and
    • ; &
  • NEW PREFERENCE: References: Before journal or newspaper title:
    • ;[space]
  • NEW PREFERENCE: Units: r.p.m.:
    • rev/min
    • r/min

Hundreds of other improvements including:

  • Better sorting of references without author names
  • Better standardization of units of measurement
  • Bug fixes


Hundreds of improvements, most significantly to:

  • Recognition and cross-checking of references
  • Recognition of organizations and addresses
  • Recognition of abbreviations
Merops Cloud
This is a Merops Cloud update – no download is necessary.
The update also includes hundreds of other improvements and fixes.
Items with NEW PREFERENCE or NEW FEATURE can be turned on immediately using Custom Properties - contact us for the codes.

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