Merops March update – Background colours!

27th March 2019

We’ve changed the way Merops applies colour coding, from text colour, to background colour:

12. Saab, C.Y. & Willis, W.D. (2003). The cerebellum: Organization, functions and its role in nociception. Brain Research Reviews. 42, 85-95.

Why is background colour better?

Red Less likely to conflict with author's formatting
Green See styles more easily on small characters like points
Orange See paragraph and character styles at the same time
Sky blue See styles on white space and images
Blue Text is consistently black, which is more readable
Yellow See styles with insertions and deletions
Violet Easier to distinguish between colours
Merops Cloud
This is a Merops Cloud update – no download is necessary.
The only the thing changed in this update is visual style – style names and placement is the same.
If you’d prefer to use the old colour coding, please let us know and we’ll give you a code to enable Legacy Colours.

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