Merops Cloud update: Bug fixes and accuracy improvements!

5 May 2022

We've updated the Merops Cloud!

Reliability and accuracy

Reliability and accuracy

We've prioritized bug fixes and error handling with this update

  • 50% reduction in support/rerun requests expected
  • 29 major bug fixes
  • Over 200 recognition, editing, or markup errors fixed
  • Over 500 systemic recognition or editing improvements
  • Consistent use of paragraph returns vs paragraph breaks
  • Preservation of background colour
  • Better and more consistent recognition regardless of settings


  • Much better handling of:
    • footnotes to reference list conversions
    • duplicate references
    • combinations of citation styles in input document
  • NEW PREFERENCE: Numerical citations style: …was found2)
Front and end matter

Front & end matter

  • NEW PREFERENCES: Affiliation footnote symbols: family name in parentheses | title and family name in parentheses
  • NEW PREFERENCES: Affiliations intro: Author affiliations: | Author Affiliations:
  • IMPROVED: Merops now sorts front and end matter even when there is some unmatched content


  • NEW PREFERENCES: 29 new preferences for whether specific abbreviations need to be defined
  • NEW FEATURE: grandad | granddad | make consistent
Merops Cloud
This is a Merops Cloud update – no download is necessary.
The update also includes hundreds of other improvements and fixes.
Items with NEW PREFERENCE or NEW FEATURE can be turned on immediately using Custom Properties – contact us for the codes.

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