Merops June update

28 June 2019

We've updated the Merops Cloud!


Headers and footers

  • Merops can now preserve headers and footers from the original document
  • NB. Preservation is turned off by default. Contact us for the custom property codes to enable this. In a future update we will switch to preserving by default.


PubMed/Crossref linking

  • NEW FEATURE: Before reference type or status description: .[space] | ;[space] | ,[space] | :[space] | [space] | make consistent | preserve original
  • NEW PREFERENCE: Issue style: , (4)
  • NEW PREFERENCE: Before online source: [space]

Better recognition

  • Names of organizations, events, legislation, initiatives, etc.
  • Field codes
  • Line breaks
  • Lists in tables
Merops Cloud
This is a Merops Cloud update – no download is necessary.
The update also includes hundreds of other improvements and fixes.
Items with NEW PREFERENCE or NEW FEATURE can be turned on immediately using Custom Properties - contact us for the codes.

Other news