Merops for Mac!

Finally Mac users can use Merops

15th May 2013

merops for mac toolbar

Merops for Mac (Beta 2) is now available to download. You can get it here. This is a pre-release version of Merops for Mac. It requires Microsoft Word for Mac 2011.

This is a pre-release version and is not fully tested, fully debugged, or finished just yet, but there should be no major problems, and it's ready for you to start using it! Please let us know what you think! If you experience any problems when using Merops for Mac (Beta 2) you can provide us with feedback .

This is a simplified version of the Merops user interface (see here for features) but it still contains some powerful Merops functionality, e.g. Reference Renumbering and Merops Finish Document and the basic Merops tool, i.e. Reject All Identical Changes, Delete All Identical Comments, etc.

Download the new Merops for Mac (Beta 2) here and check out the help page for help and features.

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