We’ve just updated the Merops server! It's even faster, more accurate, and more powerful than ever.

11 November 2010

We’ve just updated the Merops server! It’s even faster, more accurate, and more powerful than ever…


Initial processing is now more than 66% faster than ever before! Averaging 39 words per second, it's nearly 3 times quicker than 6 months ago*, and the average journal article now processes in under 2 minutes.

*Actual increase is approx. 2.9×

Comparison to PubMed comments!

When Merops links a reference to PubMed, it can now alert you if the document title on PubMed is different to the one given by the author. You might be surprised how often authors make mistakes in the punctuation, hyphenation, spelling, or wording of a title, or omit subtitles. Depending on your current procedure, this feature will either significantly improve the quality of your work, or help you work much faster, or both.


Reference example

It's your call

Because PubMed isn't necessarily 100% accurate, it's entirely up to you whether to use the suggestion from PubMed. If you want to make the suggested replacement, you can right-click on the comment, click on the suggestion, and Merops will insert the new text for you.

New rules!

37 brand-new rules, including:

Plus 10 existing rules have new settings requested by our users.

Over 1000 other fixes and improvements

We’ve focused heavily on the feedback We’ve received from your emails, and from the Send Feedback to Shabash app. For example:

Thank you so much to all the people who gave feedback and helped make this update possible!

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