Merops 3.1.175 now available!

21st November 2016


  1. MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Restrict editing
    Now you can enable modules like Spelling and Punctuation, but restrict the application of those rules to certain parts of the document. For now, this can only be done with references. Please let us know if you'd like us to add other parts, such as tables, front matter, document body, etc.
  2. Restrict editing
  3. NEW: Choose any author name for comments and tracked changes made by Merops:
  4. Tracked changes and comments
  5. NEW: New formatting option: Apply Merops visual appearance to existing paragraph styles
  6. FIXED: Horrible bug introduced by Microsoft showing many labels in plug-in for Microsoft Word as black blocks, or with ugly background colour.
  7. FIXED: Renumber References tool was failing when the references had field codes on them.
  8. MINOR

  9. IMPROVED: Renumber References: Added much improved error handling to the reference renumbering tools.
  10. IMPROVED: Renumber References: Much smoother and more accurate progress bar.
  11. IMPROVED: Renumber References: If reference renumbering is interrupted either by an error, or when a user cancels, Merops will undo any changes made so far.
  12. IMPROVED: Renumber References: Renumbering is now about 4X faster.
  13. IMPROVED: Renumber References: Message warning that not all citations had matching references now collects the numbers into ranges, rather than listing them all separated by commas.
  14. IMPROVED: Renumber References: If no reference paragraphs are found, the user is warned before making any changes.
  15. IMPROVED: Renumber References: If no reference IDs are found, it no longer lists them. It just says that none were found.
  16. IMPROVED: Standard Set Editor: Label 'Quebec City' changed to 'Quebec' in accordance with the new Shabash House Style preference.
  17. FIXED: Renumber References: Dialog now uses smart quotes in labels, and references to old paragraph styles have been removed.
  18. FIXED: Renumber References: Delete Numeric References would leave hanging punctuation when deleting the first citation within a group.
  19. FIXED: Renumber References: When no references were found during renumbering, Merops was wrongly reporting 'A numeric citation was added, but no reference'
  20. FIXED: Renumber References: Delete and Go buttons on Reference Renumbering dialogs showed the wrong tool tip.
  21. FIXED: Renumber References: Adding a reference now applies the correct new "Label" character style.
  22. FIXED: Bug introduced by Microsoft meaning some controls in the plug-in for Microsoft Word wrongly overlapped each other, or were visible when they shouldn't be, or invisible when they shouldn't be.
  23. FIXED: Standard Set Editor: Fixed setting 'Bangu' to correct spelling 'Bangui'.
  24. FIXED: Help button on Standard Set Editor and Custom Dictionary Editor wasn't working.
  25. FIXED: About Merops dialog could hang sometimes and lock you out of Microsoft Word.
  26. FIXED: In the Standard Set document example, the table was sometimes cropped.

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