Merops Cloud summer update

1 September 2021

We've updated the Merops Cloud!



  • NEW FEATURE: Set output font size and family for the whole document
  • NEW FEATURE: Set output paragraph formatting for the whole document:
    • Paragraph alignment
    • Paragraph spacing
    • Page margins
    • Line spacing
    • Tab positions
  • NEW FEATURE: Set output paragraph formatting for the reference list


  • 3 NEW FEATURES: Alert source types not allowed in reference list:
    • Preprints
    • Thesis/dissertations
    • Personal communications
  • 9 NEW FEATURES: Footnote-specific versions of existing settings:
    • Different details order for 5 different reference types
    • Punctuation before book title (whole book)
    • Punctuation before book title (book chapter)
    • Abbreviate publisher name
    • Publisher name/location in brackets
  • NEW FEATURE: Restrict editing to whole document except references
  • NEW PREFERENCE: Document title format: bold
Header and footer

Header and footer

  • NEW FEATURE: Require header or footer
  • NEW FEATURE: Set desired header or footer content with page numbers
Merops Cloud
This is a Merops Cloud update – no download is necessary.
The update also includes hundreds of other improvements and fixes.
Items with NEW PREFERENCE or NEW FEATURE can be turned on immediately using Custom Properties – contact us for the codes.

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