Merops Cloud Spring update: New features requested by our users!

15 March 2021

We've updated the Merops Cloud!

Figures and citations

New features for figures and citations

  • Pluralization of citations with multiple panels:
    • Figure 1a–d
    • Figures 1a–d
  • Alert missing caption
  • Add a paragraph return before panel labels


    • electronvolt
    • electron-volt
    • electron volt
    • make consistent
  • NEW PREFERENCE: makkoli/makgeolli: makgolli

Other new features

  • Units: Hyphenate compound adjectives with abbreviations:
    • 10-kg weight
    • 10 kg weight
  • Abbreviations: Avoid or alert abbreviations at sentence starts
  • Structure: Paragraph return before abstract subheadings:
    • make consistent
  • Organizations: Addresses in general text:
    • delete

Hundreds of other improvements, particularly to:

  • Heading hierarchy
  • Lists and tables of contents
  • Units of measurement
  • Capitalization
  • Journal name corrections from online databases
  • PDF input file processing (API only)
Merops Cloud
This is a Merops Cloud update – no download is necessary.
The update also includes hundreds of other improvements and fixes.
Items with NEW PREFERENCE or NEW FEATURE can be turned on immediately using Custom Properties – contact us for the codes.

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